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Seat for conference rooms, waiting areas, conference and conference rooms, foldable and compact.


Gulp the tub seat that combines Comfort and Functionality.

The Gulp armchair is an ideal solution for environments such as waiting areas, meeting and conference rooms. It offers extraordinary flexibility thanks to the choice of fixed or folding sides, which allow a simple and compact closure for easy handling and storage.

This versatile design includes a polypropylene writing tablet, foldable with anti-panic movement, ensuring convenience and safety during use. Perfect for dynamic and functional environments, the Gulp armchair on wheels or pointed, combines comfort and practicality in a single solution.


Dimensioni Poltrona Gulp
The Gulp armchair designed to be customized is characterized by a good level of comfort and quality materials.

Compact Design

The compact design makes it easy to adapt even to the smallest spaces. Overall dimensions in the closed position of only 32 cm, for maximum usability of the spaces.

Optimal Ergonomics

The curved backrest provides ergonomic support and optimal comfort.

Imbottitura indeformabile

Imbottitura in poliuretano espanso indeformabile a combustione ritardata.

Tessuti Selezionati

Ampia selezione di Tessuti di rivestimento di varie tipologie tutte ad alte prestazioni.

Cuciture con ribattitura

La cucitura con doppia ribattuta aumenta le prestazioni del tessuto per garantire un rivestimento più accurato e conservare nel tempo la forma originale della fodera.

Customizable sides

The sides are available in two versions, fixed or foldable, customizable with different finishes.

100% Customizable

Various accessories for every design, aesthetic and functional need.

100% Made in Italy

Designed, produced and assembled in Italy

Sala conferenze con seduta Gulp LCF


Examples of Accessories and Optionals of the Gulp seat

The Gulp armchair was designed to be customized, so as to guarantee the most suitable solution for each project.

In fact, Gulp has some possibilities of combinations and accessories to satisfy different functional and aesthetic needs, from the fixed or folding side to a careful selection of coverings such as fabrics, velvets for acoustic absorption and leathers.

The folding sides allow for a concealed closure, making it easy to move and store after use.

The sides do not fold.

Polypropylene writing tablet, foldable with anti-panic movement.

The alignment hook prepares for arrangement in rows via lateral hooks.

The suction cup feet offer stability without the need to be fixed to the ground, thus eliminating the need to drill holes in the floor.

Both seats, both the folding and fixed versions, offer the possibility of mounting self-braking wheels, large and small tips and feet, guaranteeing a versatile configuration.

Place and row numbering using embroidery.


Conference room projects, furnished with the Gulp armchair

The compact design of the Gulp armchair makes it perfect and easy to adapt to different types of both classic and contemporary contexts.

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