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Vallo della Lucania Auditorium Theatre

Leo De Bernardinis auditorium theatre

The Leo de Berardinis Auditorium Theatre, located in Vallo della Lucania, is a tribute to the great actor and director of the same name, born a few kilometers away in the municipality of Gioi Cilento. This cultural space represents a union between the rich theatrical tradition of the region and the memory of a prominent artist.

The choice of LCF to supply the seats led to an important setup consisting of 538 Omega seats. These seats were selected not only for their consolidated quality and comfort, but also for their modern design and ergonomics, which integrate perfectly with the contemporary concept of the theater, giving the audience a unique performance experience. Also contributing to creating a welcoming and refined atmosphere inside the Theatre.


Teatro Leo de Berardinis


Vallo della Lucania, Italia



Number of LCF seats


Armchair installed


Omega seat characterized by decisive and refined lines, capable of guaranteeing maximum comfort in any context. It is the ideal choice for theatres, auditoriums, conference rooms and concert halls, thanks to its versatility and possibility of customisation.