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Samonà popular theatre

Popular Theater of Sciacca

The Teatro Popolare Samonà in Sciacca, designed by the architect Giuseppe Samonà, is a contemporary work characterized by an essential geometric design. The structure is made up of three distinct geometric volumes: a parallelepiped, a cone and a pyramid. These three elements intersect and contrast, generating an intriguing play of shapes and volumes that combines dynamism and harmony.

LCF was contracted to supply 842 seats, creating a customized version called K901X. These armchairs were chosen for their simple and linear design, based on essential geometric shapes. The seat and backrest are padded with high quality materials, ensuring optimal comfort even during prolonged sessions. On this occasion, a refined red velvet upholstery was selected, with placeholder numbers embroidered in gold on each armchair.

The Teatro Popolare Samonà is configured as a contemporary work of art that combines aesthetics and functionality. The choice of LCF’s K901X seats contributed to creating a comfortable and refined environment, enhancing the architectural peculiarities of the theater structure.


Teatro Popolare di Sciacca


Sciacca, Italia



Number of LCF seats


Armchair installed