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Ardenti Municipal Library

Viterbo municipal library

A reference point for culture in Viterbo and its surroundings, the Consortium Library of the Municipality of Viterbo can count on multiple locations and various spaces. The one dedicated to meetings, debates, presentations, projections, was furnished by LCF.

Blink Max, an LCF armchair designed for conference rooms, was chosen for this room because it particularly adapts to the environment thanks to its functionality. The polyurethane desk and the two-tone black and orange covering furnish the room with a lively touch, as requested by our customers during the design phase.


Viterbo library


Viterbo, Italia


Blink Max

Number of LCF seats


Armchair installed

Blink Max

Experience uncompromising comfort and versatility with the Blink Max seat and its balanced and essential design. It is so compact that it can be inserted even in the smallest spaces, without sacrificing comfort and practicality.