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Biondo theater building in Palermo

Biondo Theater Palermo

Inaugurated in 1903, the Teatro Biondo is one of the most important historical performance venues in Palermo. Located in the center of the city, it has a nineteenth-century façade designed by the architect Nicolò Mineo. In addition to the Great Hall, it also includes the Strehler Hall.

The theater’s Great Hall was renovated in 2012 with the intervention of LCF which contributed to preserving the classical historicity of the hall, while giving it a touch of modernity and refinement. The supply and installation of the K1000 armchairs, upholstered in purple velvet and personalized with embroidered seat and row numbering, as well as the theatre’s logo, fit harmoniously into the environment, creating a welcoming and prestigious atmosphere. The restoration of the flooring and curtains completed the intervention, making the room an even more evocative place and suitable for hosting high-level shows.


Teatro Biondo


Palermo, Italia



Number of LCF seats


Armchair installed


The K1000 is characterized by its clean and sinuous line. The seat stands out for its comfort and versatility, adapting to a variety of contexts and design needs.