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Roma Tre Teatro Palladium Foundation

Palladium Theatre

The Palladium Theater is a theater in Rome, located in the Garbatella district. It is owned by Roma Tre University and hosts a diverse program of quality shows. Built in 1927, the theater was an important point of reference for the Garbatella village. Today, it is an active place of culture, offering the public a wide choice of shows.

The Palladium Theater has recently enriched its theatrical experience thanks to the collaboration with LCF. The company supplied 258 customized armchairs from the Harched line, characterized by an elegant and comfortable structure in five fascinating velvet colors that gave a distinctive tone to the room. These seats were also equipped with a floor fixing system for the first rows, allowing quick disassembly to adapt to the needs of the setup.

The attention to detail also emerges in the seat and row numbering, created with high quality embroidery. These are some of the customizations that not only add a distinctive touch to the aesthetics of the theatre, but also improve comfort and welcome for the audience, helping to consolidate the reputation of the Palladium Theater as a place of excellence in the performing arts.


Teatro Palladium


Roma, Italia



Number of LCF seats


Armchair installed


The Harched armchair stands out for its refined aesthetics, fits harmoniously into any theatrical context, offering spectators a seating experience of luxury and comfort without compromise.
Harched - Poltrona per Teatri di LCF