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Theater in Carrara

Municipality of Gibellina

The town hall of the municipality of Gibellina in the province of Trapani houses an auditorium entitled Sala Agorà, used for cultural activities.

The Agora room of the Gibellina Town Hall has been furnished with our armchairs, distributed on a staircase with minimal space. For the occasion, the Blink Q armchair was chosen by our customers, with a functional, sophisticated and elegant design from an aesthetic point of view, covered in this case in an elegant shade of blue and with an aluminum tilting system which ensures durability and sitting resistance.


Auditorium a Gibellina


Gibellina (TP), Italia


Blink Q custom

Number of LCF seats


Armchair installed

Blink Q

The Blink Q is a versatile beam armchair, designed to optimize spaces for environments such as conference rooms, sports halls and stadiums. Its compact and rational shape, combined with the resistant steel structure, make it a solid and durable armchair.