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National Theater in Cyprus

Cyprus State Theatre

The Cyprus State Theater is an authentic temple of national culture, an example of classical architecture both outside and inside, a true temple of national culture. In the hall of this theater, the dominant motif is wood, which extends from the stage to the walls.

LCF created and installed a customized version of the K905 seats for this theater, characterized by a simple and sober design. The seat is comfortable and comfortable, covered in blue fabric, with a cover on the back of the long backrest made of beech plywood. The wooden armrests are designed in harmony with the casing finish, thus helping to create a cohesive and refined environment within the Cyprus State Theatre.


Teatro Cyprus State Theatre





Number of LCF seats


Armchair installed


An ever-evolving seat, the k905 was developed by LCF with the aim of offering an entry-level product with good quality and ergonomic properties and an excellent quality-price ratio. Thanks to its versatility it can adapt to different types of contexts such as: Auditoriums, Theaters and conference rooms.