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Armchair for Cinemas and Multiplexes, Stadiums and VIP areas, with fixed or folding seat.


The Nirvana armchair, a combination of design, technology and versatility, is ideal for cinemas, stadiums and VIP areas. It offers a first-class cinematic experience.

Among the armchairs designed and created by LCF, Nirvana is among the most versatile and refined. The seat stands out for its comfort and adaptability to different contexts and design needs, offering high-level qualitative and ergonomic characteristics.

The main feature lies in the singular S-shaped profile of the backrest, particularly anatomical and comfortable, its ergonomic lines and generous padding offer optimal comfort for long viewing or listening sessions. Furthermore, the variable wheelbase and the particular shape of the backrest help to optimize the space between rows in large and small rooms.

Nirvana presents a rich possibility of combinations that give rise to many versions of the seat with either a central or lateral leg. Two different backrest heights, which can be equipped with a headrest for greater comfort. The folding or fixed seat with its particular width and the elevating armrests offer a comfortable and welcoming “love-seat” sitting experience.


Ingombri Poltrona Nirvana - LCF
The Nirvana seat designed to be totally customized is characterized by high comfort and fine materials.

“S” shaped backrest

“S” backrest shape guarantees better comfort and helps to optimize the spaces between the rows.

2 Backrest Heights

The Nirvana has 2 backrest variants to better adapt it to the design of the hall.‎

2 Seat Variants

The Nirvana has 2 seat variants, fixed seat and folding seat.

Polypropylene Carter

Seat and backrest covers made of impact-resistant polypropylene.

Double stitched seams

Processing that increases the performance of the fabric while maintaining the original shape of the lining over time.

Armrest in multiple variants

Armchair that can be accessorised with various types of armrest, with drink holder, writing tablet, fabric insert, elevating.

Selected fabrics

Wide selection of upholstery Fabrics of various types, all with high performance.

Non-deformable padding

Padding in non-deformable, flame-retardant polyurethane foam

Modern Design

Modern design, ideal for cinemas, auditoriums, conference rooms, stadiums, VIP areas.

Steel structure

Internal structure in tubular steel.

100% Customizable

Numerous accessories for every design need and custom elements

100% Made in Italy

Designed, produced and assembled in Italy


Examples of Accessories and Optionals of the Nirvana seat.

The Nirvana seat, like all LCF armchairs, was designed to be totally customized, so as to guarantee the most suitable solution for each project.

In fact, Nirvana has a wide range of combinations and accessories, from the side to a careful selection of coverings such as technical fabrics, velvets for sound absorption and leathers.

High backrest with shockproof black polypropylene cover.

Low backrest with shockproof black polypropylene cover.

Seat with gravity tipping device with shock absorber to ensure silent tipping.

Fully upholstered headrest.

Polyurethane armrest with drink holder

Polyurethane armrest for writing tablet.

Elevating armrest in polyurethane, can be rotated to a vertical position.

Removable writing tablet in full-skin polyurethane, retractable folding with anti-panic movement.

Removable writing tablet in HPL, foldable and hidden with anti-panic movement.

Removable writing tablet in beech plywood, retractable with anti-panic movement.

Steel structure on central leg.

Steel structure on lateral legs.

Place and row numbering using embroidery.

Seat and row numbering using an engraved steel or brass plate.

Possibility of choosing the color for painting the armchair fixing system based on the RAL color classification.


Projects for Cinema halls and auditoriums furnished with the Nirvana seat.

Nirvana, as suggested by the name, invites you to a state of relaxation, thanks to the ergonomic design which makes it particularly convenient and comfortable. Its elegant design makes it suitable for both modern and contemporary contexts.

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