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Master 500 MB

Seating for classrooms and canteens.


The Master 500 MB monobloc teaching chairs are a modular and versatile system for conference rooms, classrooms and canteens.

The Master 500 MB modular bench system is characterized by a fixed top and movable seats. The seats are supported by oscillating arms in painted aluminium, with automatic calibrated return. This feature allows the seats to perform a complete 360° rotation. The central structure of the system is accompanied by a painted steel floor fixing plate, providing stability to the complex.

The modularity of the system makes it suitable not only for classrooms and conference rooms, but also for canteens. This suggests that the system can be used in different environments and adapted to the specific needs of each context. The flexibility offered by the possibility of rotating the seats and the modular structure means that the system is versatile and suitable for various space configurations.


Dimensioni Master 500 MB di LCF
The Master 500 MB monoblock designed to be customized is characterized by a good level of comfort and quality materials.

Ergonomics and comfort

Compact design but without sacrificing comfort and practicality.

Leg cover panel

Front leg cover panel with milling, in beech plywood or painted sheet metal.

Spring return

Calibrated automatic seat return mechanism, which uses a return spring, allowing the seats to rotate 360.

Electrical preparation

The structure is designed to house electrical and data sockets, allowing the passage of cables from the floor to the beams.

Writing surfaces

Writing surfaces with variable thickness

Steel structure

The metal elements are all in steel, the swinging arms in painted aluminium.

100% Customizable

Numerous accessories for every design need and custom elements

100% Made in Italy

Designed, produced and assembled in Italy

UniCamillus Roma, sala azzurra, seduta Master 500 LCF


Examples of Accessories and Optionals of the Master 500 MB monobloc seat

The Master 500 MB monobloc, like all LCF seats, was designed to be customized, so as to guarantee the most suitable solution for each project.

The Master 500 MB monoblock in fact has a fair amount of combinations and accessories to satisfy different functional needs.

Fixed writing surface, available in different thicknesses

The Master 500 MB monoblock is available in the two or four seat version. This allows you to compose modules from 2 to 10 seats according to your needs.

The seats can rotate 360°

Steel structure on beam and side legs.

First row front leg cover panel, with milling, in beech plywood or painted sheet metal.


Projects for teaching and multimedia classrooms, auditoriums and conference rooms, set up with a Master 500 L study bench

The Master 500 L study bench seats are the ideal choice for those looking for a comfortable, versatile and functional solution for their teaching or multimedia classrooms.

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