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Auditorium / Conference room

Private Auditorium Rome

LCF was chosen to supply a private auditorium/conference room in Rome. The elegant and welcoming room has been furnished with 300 K905 armchairs, characterized by an exclusive design and embellished with careful details.

Each armchair has been customized with a solid wood armrest and a medium backrest cover, both made of fine painted beech, in perfect harmony with the finish of the sound-absorbing walls that envelop the entire room. This choice with attention to detail gives an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication, offering an ideal setting for high-level meetings, conferences and events.


Auditorium / Sala conferenze


Roma, Italia



Number of LCF seats


Armchair installed


An ever-evolving seat, the k905 was developed by LCF with the aim of offering an entry-level product with good quality and ergonomic properties and an excellent quality-price ratio. Thanks to its versatility it can adapt to different types of contexts such as: Auditoriums, Theaters and conference rooms.