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Theater seats and classy furnishings for the Cagnoni Theater

Cagnoni Theater in Vigevano

The Cagnoni Theater in Vigevano, an important cultural institution, has recently undergone a significant restoration which has further enhanced its elegance and refinement.

Cared by LCF, the intervention included the supply of 284 K800 theater seats, customized with rounded backs and floor-length sides, coated in sugar paper-coloured fireproof velvet. Furthermore, 252 chairs and 60 stools from the Biz series, built in vapored beech and padded with fireproof polyurethane, were placed in the boxes. All the furnishings were coordinated in sugar paper fireproof velvet, giving the environment a refined and welcoming elegance.

This restoration has completely transformed the main hall and boxes of the theater, improving spectators comfort and overall aesthetics. LCF was able to combine functionality and style, respecting safety needs and making the Cagnoni Theater even more prestigious.


Cagnoni theatre


Vigevano, Italy


K800 e Biz

Number of LCF seats


Armchair installed


K800 is a basic seat with a linear design, developed with the aim of offering an entry-level product with good quality and ergonomic properties. The minimal design of the k800 makes it perfect and easy to adapt to different types of both classic and modern contexts.